Bluefire and Redleaf (FireClan <3)

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Bluefire and Redleaf (FireClan <3)

Post by Doc Oc on October 25th 2011, 7:45 pm

Name: Bluefire
Gender: she-cat
Age: 18 moons (a year and four months?)
Affiliate: FireClan
Rank: Warriah

Looks: Bluefire's long, spiky tortoiseshell coat is a greyish-blue with orange streaks here and there. Her eyes are a burning hue of blue (her namesake, perhaps?), and her ears are rather rounded, giving her a soft look. Her muzzle is a bit broad, and a small scar runs from one side of her nose to her chin. (let's just say someone didn't like her babbling)
Personality: Often the first to volunteer for patrols, Bluefire has an easily excitable air about her. She is seldom downcast, and will point out the positive side of any situation with a fiery optimism. She loves kits, but never really considered having her own. She would be considered courageous if it weren't for the fact that she has the tendency to rush into dangerous situations overconfident. As is implied, she can be hopeful to a fault. Don't ever talk about anything remotely interesting--she'll prattle on and on and on and on and on.
tl;dr She is an easily excited chatterbox and is too optimistic.
Birth: Pedigree FireClan :P

History: Bluefire always felt responsible for the safety of her less outgoing sister. She
RP Sample: (I feel like I should)
She felt her whiskers protest as she stuck her head into the hole, sniffing madly. "Come back here, you stupid rabbit!" she growled into the hole. A pair of wide eyes looked back at her in the darkness. She pulled her head out in defeat, scowling. "Dumb thing runs too fast."
"Maybe StarClan didn't want you to catch it," her sister appeared at her side, showing a rare smile. "Perhaps it was diseased."
Bluefire shrugged. "Eh," she mewed. "I got a mouse earlier anyway."
"That's the spirit," Redleaf smiled again.
Bluefire took a moment to breathe in the cool air. The leaves had just started turning colours. She looked up at the canopy, relishing the look of the bright orange and red splashes among yellow and green. The colours always had her happier this time of year.
The sky was a soft grey, and the sun peeked behind a break in the feathery clouds. The breeze tugged at their fur, and the squirrels were fat. It was a beautiful day.
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Re: Bluefire and Redleaf (FireClan <3)

Post by Ace on March 17th 2012, 11:48 am

... Approved.


That's pants-on-head retarded.

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