Sunnypaw-ThunderClan (WIP)

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Sunnypaw-ThunderClan (WIP)

Post by Naruto on October 17th 2011, 7:10 pm

Name: Sunnypaw -- Sunnyleaf
Gender: She-Cat
Age: Nine Moons
Affiliate: ThunderClan
Rank: Apprentice

Sunnypaw is a rather average-sized she-cat, with a long body and shorter legs. Her ears are small and angular, always pointing forward and alert. Her tail is a small, fluffy stump, with fur that sticks out at all angles from it.
She has a light gray coat with darker brown stripes and lighter shades of gold mixed in. She has creamy-brown points on her toes and muzzle, and a small blaze on her forehead.
Her eyes, likewise, are a dusky blue-almost violet, with slightly cloudy irises.
Due to her stout appearance, she is not exactly dainty. Nor graceful. And she doesn't try to pretend to be (Unless it's around a tom she likes). Sunnypaw has a vibrant personality painted with color. She is joyful and naive, finding good in everything. Her favorite season is leafbare, because she can play in the snow and see the moon without the tree's obstruction. Though she is not a romanticist as heart, and is actually quite awkward in the art of seduction/courting, she can often find herself thinking in a poetic trance.
The only time this cat does not speak is when she's looking at the moon or when she's asleep, even though during both occasions she is known to mutter quietly to herself.
Birth: ThunderClan

History: Sunnypaw grew up happily, snuggled in the warmth of her mother's belly. She had no siblings, as her mother was quite aged and had had many litters before her. She didn't mind, and was at first a very secluded kit. After turning six moons old, she went out hunting with her mentor on a rainy night. Hunting too close to a hillside later left her with scars, as a large rock fell, crushing her tail. She later woke up in the medicine den without it. The incident has never seemed to bother her, and she was forced to become more social while hanging around the medicine den, having become curious about the other apprentice's job of keeping all the herbs lined up and together. And ever since then she's been talking.(Fail history)
RP Sample:
(Not sure if I need to do this or not...)


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Re: Sunnypaw-ThunderClan (WIP)

Post by Snigger on October 18th 2011, 3:48 pm



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