Thoughts on Brokenstar

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Thoughts on Brokenstar

Post by - Wolvine - on October 13th 2011, 11:13 pm

I recently started to reread the first arc, which in my opinion is the best, most believable and original arc. And being slightly older than I was the first time I read it, I thought more about it.

Brokenstar was one of the best leaders. True, he wasn't very noble or whatever, but he made Shadowclan strong. The strongest clan in the forest. I think that he was killed off too early, as he could have made a great antagonist, even better than Tigerstar, who was in fact a pretty weak villain. I mean, Tigerstar just wanted power and to kill a few Thunerclan cats. Brokenstar wanted a lot more. He was much more ambitious and he had a whole clan backing him up, instead of just one or two cats.

The only other leader I thought could compare to him is Leopardstar, simply because she's not evil but she also keeps Riverclan strong when she can help it. But that's besides the point.
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