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So today I had an FBLA field trip to our conference. If you don't know FBLA stands for Future Buisness Leaders of America. So we got these coolio shirts, even if I swear they smelled a bit like vinegar. So our motivational speaker was David DiMuzio. Now, you're probably wondering who this is? Trust me, none of us knew either. But he's a world champion juggler and currently has a song that's in the top 10 on MTV in the philippines because he'd been living there for about the past eight months or something. But yeah, he could sure juggle. So after the conference we went to go out and eat. Me and some of the people went to this BBQ resteraunt called Fat Boys. It. Was. Good. I had this big burger called the Fat Boy Burger with a side of fries and a lava cake for desert. Worth my $20 (It was about $15 to get the food and I helped tip with the rest). So we were about to leave, waiting for the last three people to reach the bus. Well they were talking to some people from another FBLA group that had been eating at the same area. It turns out one of our students and one of their students shared an uncommon name, Lainee (thought the both spelled it differently). Now, while our sponser was getting a headcount our President, Brandon, yelled out to the other Lainee his phone number. Mind you that he wasn't the ones that had been talking to them. So we had barely got back on the road when Brandon pulled out his phone wondering who was calling. I was, "It's Prescott!" (that was the name of the school other Lainee went to). Turns out it was, but she called to tell him to tell our Lainee hi. It was funny.


[19:45:24] @ OMENKIT : IKUTO IS DEAD SEXY! In a miniskirt...
[19:50:44] @ Rook ϟ : I bet I look better than he does in a miniskirt. :I
[19:51:09] @ Rook ϟ : People compliment me whenever I wear my miniskirt to school u_u
[19:51:30] @ Rook ϟ : And when I tie my hair in a ponytail.
[19:51:56] @ Rook ϟ : And when I do the caramelldansen.
[19:52:10] @ Rook ϟ : And stuff balloons in my shirt to make it look like I got big boobs.
[19:52:13] Jaki : [Thou whose name shalt not be spoketh] does it all better XP
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