Emberpelt Bio

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Emberpelt Bio

Post by lightr12 on July 11th 2011, 4:46 pm

Name: Emberpelt
Gender: She-cat
Age: 12 moons
Affiliate: Fireclan
Rank: Newly-made Warrior

Looks: Emberpelt is a slightly long-haired ginger she-cat. Black fur covers her forepaws and tips her slightly rounded ears and bushy tail. She has a little bit of cheek fur and her eyes are teal. She has powerful leg muscles, although she is a bit wiry looking in contrast to her thick fur, which gives her an advantage in battle by fluffing up her fur to make herself look bigger.
Personality: Emberpelt strives to do the best for her clan and she always tries to keep the mood lights and cats' spirits up. She is always happy, but can turn serious in a heartbeat if needed. She is protective of her friends and will do anything to keep them safe. She abides by the Warrior code as well as she can, but will break it if necessary.
Birth: Emberpelt is a clan-born cat, but her heritage is only half clan.

History: Emberpelt's mother was a light ginger rogue who became a clan cat. Her father was a black-furred clan-born cat. He died in a badger attack. When Emberpelt was made into an apprentice her mother decided to become a rogue again and left the clan, but she visits occasionally.
RP Sample: Blaze flew low, skimming over the water, looking for any signs of Darius and the ever-present Tide. She hoped that at least Tide would be of some help, but the waves threatening to come down on her didn't make her feel too confident. She kept going, not really caring if Athios was following or not. She might need his help, but if he couldn't keep up, she could manage fine. Ronan was barking more than ever now and Blaze thought she could see a familiar shape through the mist. She was correct in her assumption that the shape was Dragonfly as they found the Flygon circling the waters, crying out for Darius. Ronan looked into the water and Blaze could see bodies thrashing to get their heads up. She turned to her Pokemon, water dripping down her face from the spray. "Stay here." She told them and with the look she gave them, they nodded, albeit reluctantly. And with that, Blaze dove into the water.

On the way down, she had released another Pokemon, her Seaking, affectionately named Seako. Zipping up her jacket, Blaze told her to dive but she was reluctant as the water was freezing cold and there was a trainer with her. "Seako, please." Blaze's face was pleading and Seako turned to the water, plunging into its depths and her trainer hanging onto her scales for dear life.


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Re: Emberpelt Bio

Post by Ace on July 11th 2011, 7:53 pm

Very good.



That's pants-on-head retarded.

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