Starclan Rules

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Starclan Rules

Post by Ace on June 6th 2010, 3:39 pm


All members may now make Starclan bios. In the Affiliate where you'd normally put Loner, Thunderclan, etc. is where you'd put the Starclan part. As for the history, put how the cat died (you still need 5 sentences). All members must post an RP Sample with their Starclan bio, or it will be ignored. NO CATS FROM ANY OF THE BOOKS ARE ALLOWED.


When RPing as a Starclan cat, RP it like you would with a normal cat. They still hunt (duh), they still need time to themselves, and they still have conflicts with one another.

The Starclan Camp

Yes, Starclan has a camp.

Anyway, the camp has 8 massive dens. A Leader's den, a Warrior's den, an Apprentices den, and a Kit's den. Notice there are no Elder's dens or Medicine dens. Whoever sleeps in the dens depends on how they died. Elders sleep depending on what they were right before they "retired". A retired warrior sleeps in the warrior's den, a retired leader has a nest in the leader's den. Medicine Cats sleep in the warriors den. Medicine Cat Apprentices sleep in the Apprentices den. Queens sleep in the warrios den.


It's sorta like being asked to go to a Gathering. You must be invited. Invited to where? That'd be Spirit's Lake, where Starclan cats that are carefully chosen meet to discuss prophecies. If you're a Starclan kit, don't expect to be chosen for meetings...Usually, only former Medicine Cats, Leaders, and Deputies get chosen. But occaisonally Apprentices and regular warriors are chosen.
That's pants-on-head retarded.

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