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After PE yesterday we had a very important assembly, there was prize giving for effort in progress and stuff. We were all in barefoot cause we had done Gymnastics. Everyone was hurrying so they weren't late for assembly. While walking into the Changing Rooms I was pushed from behind. I was mid step and I smashed against the wall, because I was midstep I hit the wall with my left foot taking most of the impact. Some one had pushed me from behind.

I slumped to the floor, trying to hold back tears as pain exploded in my foot. One or two people laughed, not even bothering to ask if I was ok. I picked myself up and tried to ignore the pain, as I went to get changed. When I finished I walked back out with my PE bag. As I walked out I collapsed on the floor as my foot gave way. Luckily no one was around to laugh more.

I went back to class, to get my blazer and I could help but let a tear or two trickle down my cheek as my toe went numb. One of my friend noticed. *winks at swifty* And she came with me as I went back up to the Gym to find our PE teacher. Swifty and I went up to the nurse to get it checked out and stuff.

I missed out of assembly a lay for an hour in the sick bay with an ice pack on my foot. The nurse changed the pack every 20 mins so that it would always be cold. When the lunch bell rang, she strapped my toe and sent me with a note back to class.

I woke up this morning and my toe was swollen. So this afternoon I went to the doctors to get an X-Ray. When the nurse first checked the pics she said everything was fine. So they strapped my toe again and sent me home. When we got home, about 30 mins later we got a call from the doctors. Turns out I've fractured part of the bottom of the bone, broken a part of it a little further up and also smashed a little bit near the break.
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