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    Not a single Clan has reigned in any territory since the death of StarClan. They simply... Fell to ruin and chaos. The natural order was questioned, and completely broken. Now the cats that are still left fight every day. More blood is shed with every sunrise. The Warrior Code is forgotten with each generation that is introduced into the chaotic world. There are some, but very few, who have passed on the ways of a Warrior, but even these minds, these views, have become warped through time. Some of the old healers, Medicine Cats, have passed on their knowledge to their previously forbidden offspring.

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  • 20111130

    Hattie died yesterday, mum found her on the side of the road, but she had no injuries what so ever.

    I'm an emotional train wreck right now.

    Only 3 days after the anniversary of Nikes death, I'm just totally beside myself.....

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  • 20110927
    I'm going to start this blog entry on a sad note.

    Three months ago today, I came back from netball. Having won our game for once, I was in a pretty good mood. I had dinner and curled up on the couch with my little boy Nike. My guitar teacher arrived and I went for my lesson. I let Nike outside as I left.

    I came out of guitar and dad said a lady from the SPCA had visited, asking whether or not we'd lost a cat. A policemen had driven past and seen a cat on the side of the road, attempting to stand obviously injured, and had called them. The cat had been hit by a car and was...

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  • 20110416
    Yesterday was FAR to ironic for my liking...
    So hero guys. I have time, so I'm blogging about yesterday, the last day of term 1 for me and Celestial. It is now holidays!

    At our school we do a lot of fundraising for certain charities. Like the red puppy appeal for the guide dogs, Balloon Day for the asthma foundation and others I can't be bothered to remember. This year the first three terms are lengthened, and the last shortened, so Balloon Day this year fell during the current holidays, so we celebrated it at school yesterday. Everyone buys balloons and stuff, and they got delivered in homeroom yesterday morning.


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  • 20110406
    I swear... So right now, I'm literally eating ice cream from the tub, I have had a can of Sprite and then this afternoon I set fire to my school shirt. Then today I picked a lock on the cupboard without he laptops in within 15 mins and 73 seconds. I'm proud of myself!

    -continues eating ice cream-

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  • 20110223
    >< Vent and swearing alert...
    Vent and swearing alert....

    Life just isn't going good right now. My grandma is severely injured in hospital cause of these fricking quakes.... My aunty is listed as missing. My cousins are scared out of their bloody skin. My mums aunty has been killed, or she's missing, but she's probably dead. Their houses are ruined, people I know have relatives that are dead or missing like my aunty. All you hear on the news is centered around this quake.

    Just.... Why?

    Just, Fuckin', Why?

    This isn't just a blow to the people of Canterbury......

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  • 20110218
    W00t yeh, starting blog up again.

    So been away for the past four days at school camp in Raglan and go figure, my asthma suddenly decided it wanted to get bad! Yup, I'm talkin' about two attacks... TWO FREAKING ATTACKS! I'm going to the doctor on Monday to get reassessed. But apart from that, camp was awesome! -sings the good life by one republic- THIS HAS GOTTA BE A GOOD LIFE!

    Anyways, Tuesday, we headed off at about 8 am. Our bus had air conditioning, thank god. We arrived at about 12:30, and had lunch, rules were read out, all that. And we went for our first sessions on...

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  • 20100923
    So yar, thought I'd make this...

    For the past couple of weeks, we've been practicing for House Singing. All the houses get together, they all have an entrance song, which they dance onto stage in, a fun song, which can be what ever they want, a hymn *groan* to keep it Catholic, our teachers say, and then an exit song.

    So yeah, I'm in Barat *everyone cheers* Its the best house! We have a really cool House Leader too! AND SHE'S MY BIG SISTER! YAYYY! Anyways, I felt excited. So yeah, its this morning. I think I might be able to get one of my friends to film us but probably not...

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  • 20100921
    Guys, I recommend you don't suck on the end of your pens, I just got a mouthful of ink...

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  • 20100920
    Once again Nike is ceasing to amaze me. *groan* This afternoon I've been sitting on the couch, I've currently been here about an Hour or so. I've had to get up about 6 times now because Nike has been in sitting on the Sky Decoder. He keeps slipping off the back, and when he does he always pulls out a chord, turning off the TV. I just moved him out, he better not get back in again. I think we might have to put up one of those little dog fences that you put in the back of your car up, like the one we have around the fire, and the entrance to the bathroom, and the entrance to the Laundry, and everywhere...

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  • 20100914
    Basically we have a day off tomorrow cause our snooty teachers with their iPhones and Ferari's, Porches, fancy clothes and new expensive hair do's every two days, want a pay rise. They're striking so we get the day off! I real glad that I don't live in Christchurch, because of the Earthquake the secondary school teachers their aren't striking.

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  • 20100907
    Ok, I really want to do a student exchange sometimes, as soon as possible.

    Now I really want to know where you guys would recommend. But there's a catch, I can only go to certain schools. They HAVE to be part of the Sacred Heart association. Well at least, thats what I've assumed, considering I've been told very little.

    Anyways, I'm very interested in going to Canada and North America, maybe even Argentina *huggles wolvine*

    But yeah, recommend where you think would be the best places I could go... ^^

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  • 20100820
    After PE yesterday we had a very important assembly, there was prize giving for effort in progress and stuff. We were all in barefoot cause we had done Gymnastics. Everyone was hurrying so they weren't late for assembly. While walking into the Changing Rooms I was pushed from behind. I was mid step and I smashed against the wall, because I was midstep I hit the wall with my left foot taking most of the impact. Some one had pushed me from behind.

    I slumped to the floor, trying to hold back tears as pain exploded in my foot. One or two people laughed, not even bothering to ask if I was...

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