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  • 20110925
    Not a single Clan has reigned in any territory since the death of StarClan. They simply... Fell to ruin and chaos. The natural order was questioned, and completely broken. Now the cats that are still left fight every day. More blood is shed with every sunrise. The Warrior Code is forgotten with each generation that is introduced into the chaotic world. There are some, but very few, who have passed on the ways of a Warrior, but even these minds, these views, have become warped through time. Some of the old healers, Medicine Cats, have passed on their knowledge to their previously forbidden offspring.

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  • 20110514
    WARNING! This video contains explicit language! Don't watch it if you're a douche!

    Let's Sing Along! :D

    America, FUCK YEAH!
    Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah,

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  • 20110511
    There were two at my school today...both were painful. One mentally, one physically.

    First outage happened 4th hour. I was taking my English EOI, was on question 32 of 39, when the power failed. Like 60 people throughout the school had to restart their tests. IT REALLY FRICKEN SUCKED. But at least the questions were the exact same so I remembered most of the answers...

    Second one happened in 5th hour. We were all playing kickball. The ball had just been pitched when the power failed again. But the kicker blindly kicked anyway. The power outage only lasted for just about a...

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  • 20110422
    I'm so smart, I'm practically retarded.

    ... :I

    by Ace - Comments: 5 - Views: 256
  • 20110420
    Happy 4-20 errebody. :3

    by Ace - Comments: 10 - Views: 270
  • 20101007
    As you all very well may know, I'm not a very nice person...

    Well today, my mom said I should get counseling for my 'hatred issues'. Seriously, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. They don't seem to realize that I'm a lot meaner to them then I am to other people.

    ANYWAY. I was calling my dad a moron for reasons I don't quite remember when my mom butted in and started talking crap about me needing counseling for my 'hatred toward everyone and everything'. Even worse, the counseling is at a damn church. My parents are too stupid to realize by now that I'm anti-religion,...

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  • 20101004
    Today, while I was walking around school with my homedawg, we decided to stop near the main entrance and wait for another friend. Just as we stopped, some girl came in...with no shirt. XD She was all drunk and stuff, and two policeman came and arrested her... heheheheheh. It was fricken hilarious. :D

    I got three bruises from PE today... FUN. *eye twitches*

    Derp. I'm cold. :I

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  • 20100927
    I will post here in this topic every day stating my daily prizes (what I've stolen). I steal lots of things everyday, and today I stole some things of value, so I just decided to start this up...

    Stolen Items:

    3 sharpies
    1 pair of keys
    3 locks (none match key)
    18 pencils
    9 rubber bands
    7 paperclips
    1 big eraser thingy

    Last updated on October 7th

    Expect some updates. :D

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  • 20100926
    Yesterday, I was almost grounded for who knows long... probably somewhere close to 3 months...

    My parents don't allow me to say anything mean, not even 'crap'. So anyway, I was cutting something open with my knife, and I did a shuper shmart move and my hand accidentally slipped... I cut the top of my thumb knuckle thing right off. On impulse, I yelled "FAWK!" and both my parents heard me... but because of their shtupidness, they both thought I had said something else...I feel fricken lucky, maaaaaaan. :I

    *does the lucky dance*

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  • 20100906
    Derp. I have a few friends with strange nicknames.

    My best friend's nickname is 'Taco'. Cato is his last name, some genius just switched the C and T, and the name stuck. My second best friend has the nickname Kimboslice...I gave 'em the name and everyone started using it. :D For those who don't know, Kimboslice was a black gangsta famous for street fights. He and the name Kimboslice actually

    Tell me yo friends' nicknames. :D

    by Ace - Comments: 30 - Views: 694
  • 20100828
    I had to research my name for homework, and here's a list of things I found weird:

    My last name originated in a town called 'Flint'...

    My first name is biblical, but I hate all religion.

    My last name means I'm a black person. I'm pretty sure I'm not black.

    There's like 20 variations of my first name that are still used often.

    My first name is Hebrew, and I know plenty of Muslim people racist against Jewish people. I'll have to make sure they don't find that out. :I

    Combining all US wars after 1905, only eight people who share my...

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  • 20100828

    Anyone read it? :D

    by Ace - Comments: 4 - Views: 254
  • 20100813
    The only reason I chose PE as a class in my school is cause we play dodgeball a lot...



    Freakin stupid. D<

    by Ace - Comments: 10 - Views: 343
  • 20100809
     [ Poll ]
    I'm just curious as to how much you guys swear. I mean how often you say f**k, s**t, b*t*h, b**tard, a*s, d**n, that kinda stuff. I seriously have to go with the first choice...tell me yours. :3

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  • 20100805
    This is the most pwnsomest blog ever made.

    You know it.

    I know it.

    We all know it. :D

    Anyway, I will be going back to school in six days. I plan to update this blog every school day. Just cuz.

    Lemme say a little about my school life.

    I get up at 5:30 in the morning, take a shower, eat breakfast, and leave my house at 7:00. I then usually sit at my bus stop and do nothing for 10 minutes until the bus comes.

    There's usually only one other person at my bus stop, but there's sometimes two. The one who's usually there is a...

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