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    Not a single Clan has reigned in any territory since the death of StarClan. They simply... Fell to ruin and chaos. The natural order was questioned, and completely broken. Now the cats that are still left fight every day. More blood is shed with every sunrise. The Warrior Code is forgotten with each generation that is introduced into the chaotic world. There are some, but very few, who have passed on the ways of a Warrior, but even these minds, these views, have become warped through time. Some of the old healers, Medicine Cats, have passed on their knowledge to their previously forbidden offspring.

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  • 20110228
    Now I shall tell you about my first love. She was a beautiful she-cat by the name of Feathertail. Her fur looked like it was made of silk, and her eyes were like deep crystal pools.
    No, it was not love at first sight. In fact, when I first saw her, my thoughts were more of like; Why does that RiverClan scum get to take two representatives? In fact, I wanted to take Larry, but no, WindClan isn't allowed to takle two representatives as well! Pfft. I should've smuggled him with me, but I think the pet rock carry case would've given me away. Oh well. What's done is done. *sniff*

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  • 20110222
    Sorry all American fans, but I bring grave news! To you I bring the news of the temporary death of… DR PHIL! Instead, he is to be replaced by Dr Crow, who is here now to speak to you on a topic I’m sure you enjoy: love.
    Hello, yes, it is I, Dr Crow. You may be wondering something along the lines of ‘Who am I?’ but that is yet to be revealed.
    Love, love, love. I have had great experience on the matter and I assure you it is very complicated when you’ve been through three lovers already. Each lover, a new page, each lover, a new life. I felt so young at first… but now just tired, old...

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  • 20101007
    I hate rocks. I always have. It’s always been one of those issues that you never want to talk about. The only other soul that knows (apart from you) is Feathertail. Why her? WHY HER?!! SHE WAS TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!

    Sorry, that happens often. Anyways, my hatred and malice at those cold, evil grey thinks that I swear are out to get me started when I was a poor, unloved, neglected kit. I escaped from camp in the forest because I was getting shoved in a corner of the nursery and ignored. I travelled across my territory and came to the Great Rock. I wanted to see what it was like to be a leader,...

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  • 20100917
    Dear Diary Okay, that just sounds stupid.

    Dear Blog Okay, that sounds even stupider.

    Dear- Oh forget it.

    So. Well. This is my blog. For those who don't know or are just incapable or unworthy of reading this awesome blog, I am Crowfeather. I had a boring kithood. Gay. Random. Whatever you want to call it. My mother was Ashfoot, my mentor Mudclaw. I passed the skills he passed onto me onto Heatherpaw, later Heathertail, yada yada.

    WHOOT! I finally finished the part...

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